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If you are seeking counsel for a probate-related issue in Florida, Michael T. Heider, P.A., is the law firm to represent you. With more than 15 years of experience, our founding attorney, Michael T. Heider, assists clients with all matters related to probate administration.

We are one of the Clearwater area’s top-rated firms when it comes to probate law counsel. Whether you are creating an estate plan to avoid probate or your loved one’s estate must go through the probate court, our Florida probate attorney can help you.

Probate In Florida: What To Know

Although there are ways to avoid probate through estate planning, many estates must still go through it. The term probate refers to the process of validating a deceased person’s will and distributing their assets. In Florida, there are two categories for probate:

Probate Attorney Florida Probate Law
  1. Formal administration: A court-supervised process in which a personal representative oversees the notification of beneficiaries, distribution of assets, payment of outstanding debts, and other tasks.
  2. Summary administration: This option is simpler, but only estates worth $75,000 or less can qualify. There is no personal representative. Beneficiaries can file an affidavit to receive their inheritance.

Our probate lawyer Florida team will sit down with you to let you know which type of probate is necessary. Then, we walk you through the steps and answer your questions about probate so you know what to expect and how much it will likely cost.

Caring Help When You Need It The Most

Coping with probate while also grieving the death of a loved one is very painful. Our Florida probate attorney team has seen firsthand what it is like, as we have guided hundreds of clients through probate and estate administration. You can trust us to treat you and your family with compassion, respect, and dignity during this difficult time.

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