Probate Attorney & Estate Planning FL

Florida Probate Attorney Fees

Probate Attorney Fees

The following fee estimates are averages based on past cases. However, your case may be particularly unique or involve complex issues, unclaimed property issues, elective share issues or litigation with other parties which might require additional fees.  These fees are for examples only and only after consulting with Michael T. Heider will an offer of an exact fee be made.


  • Formal Administration starting at – $2,500 (typical fee) plus all costs and expenses;
  • Summary and Ancillary Administration starting at – $750 plus all costs and expenses

Estate Planning

  • Call for a free consultation and fee estimate for estate planning services.

Medicaid Planning

  • Full Medicaid nursing home asset protection plan as low as – $750;
  • Full Medicaid nursing home asset protection plan and Medicaid application completion (Call for a free quote due);
  • Qualified Income Trust for Medicaid qualification (included in asset protection plan)- $400;

Consult with Michael Heider – Florida probate attorney if you have any questions about the fees.

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