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How do you get your Letter of Administration?

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A loved one’s death is not easy to deal with. You are already emotionally broken, and frequent visits to banks, various service providers, etc. is mentally challenging. Whenever you visit a bank, chances are that you are asked to provide a “letter of administration” in order to continue the process further, and it might confuse you a bit. You are about to bury this confusion forever by reading this article. Make sure to read this article to get clarity regarding Letters of Administration before visiting a Florida Probate Attorney.

What are Letters of Administration?

Firstly, what does letters of administration mean? Well, you already might have the power of attorney that allows you to manage your parent’s estate when they are aging. However, after they pass away, this power of attorney nullifies too. Now you need to inform the banks and other financial institutions that you are authorized by the Florida Probate court to manage your parent’s estates. This is where letters of administration come into the picture.

In simple words, letters of administration show financial institutions that you are authorized as a personal executor by the Florida Probate court.

When & Where do you require Letters of Administration?

The next question you need an answer to will be when will you require letters of administration? Knowing the answers to this question is necessary to avoid any sort of confusion or inconvenience later on. Thus, check out the answers below.

  1. To continue working with any agency the deceased person was associated with.
  2. In any financial institute.
  3. While filing tax returns.
  4. While signing any important documents which required the deceased person’s signature.

How do you get Letters of Administration?

First, you need to know a basic law regarding letters of administration. As per the Florida Probate law , you must apply for the letter of administration within 10 days of a person’s death. Thus, ensure that you file the petition for the letters of administration and initiate the probate process within 10 days of your loved one’s death.

The first step to get the Letters of Administration (LOA) is to get the death certificate of the deceased person. Michael T. Heider, a reliable Florida Probate Attorney, highly advises that you keep more than one copy of the death certificate as you will require it every now and then. To get LOA, you need to submit an original copy of the death certificate.

Next, ensure that you stay transparent and talk to every person who might be a potential beneficiary of the estate. The more transparent you are from day one, the fewer complexities you will face later on. Then, list every detail about the estate, including bank account information, investment details, credit card information, etc.

You will have to submit this information and the death certificate to the court along with a petition to grant you the authority to manage the estate going forward. Usually, you will receive the Letters of Administration within six weeks of applying for the same. However, the current COVID-19 scenario might delay the process by a couple of weeks.

Are you eligible to get Letters of Administration?

To qualify for Letters of Administration, you need to be above 18, a US citizen, and you must not have a criminal record.

List of Documents Required

Check out the list of documents you will need to get letters of administration below.

  1. Original death certificate of the deceased person.
  2. A copy of the will.
  3. Information about the estate (estimates would work).
  4. Valuation certificates of the assets.

Note: It’s a must for you to confirm the documents with the authorities to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. Not performing this step can make things difficult and tedious for you.

We understand that the Probate process is always tough to deal with. Specifically, when you don’t have much knowledge about the law, but you can always sail through the process with ease if you partner yourself with a reliable attorney. It’s always about finding one!

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